25 Bio Bitter

25 Bio Bitter


Designed by the Walcher wizards as an all-organic alternative ingredient for mixed drinks such as the negroni, americano or spritz. This bitter liqueur posseses austere fruit character and an earthy mid-palate with an astonishingly long and pleasant natural bitter finish that is neither chemical nor ashy, but herbal and delicious.


Style: Bitter Liqueur

Producer: Walcher Gutsbrennerei

Region: Sud Tirol/Alto Adige, Italy

Ingredients: Neutral spirit distilled onsite from organic grapes infused with extracts from organic herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables.

Agriculture: Organic with no artificial colours or flavours

Fermentation: Controlled

Distillation: Complex distillation and blending of distillates

Filtration: Spirit is neutral and stabilised before blending with extracts for colour and flavour.

Mutability: No red food colouring so colour may show signs of fading 2 years post-manufacture. We import tight quantities in chilled containers to maintain freshness.

Size: 700ml

Strength: 25% ABV

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