Dr. Shugg's The Retiring Gin

Dr. Shugg's The Retiring Gin


Distilled gin from Wilmot Hills in the northern hills of Tasmania.

Dr. Bert Shugg produces this gin completely by hand from 100% organic or medical-grade raw ingredients. This automatically sets it apart from most other Tasmanian gins. Produced at a rate of a mere 80 bottles per month, this is a truly exceptional, passion-filled gin. Well worth a celebration if you're able to get your hands on some!

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Style: 100% organic gin from raw ingredients.

Producers: Bert Shugg

Region: Tasmania

Ingredients: Starting with raw dextrose, Bert ferments his own wash and then distills a very clean but grippy base spirit. Botanicals include medicinal-grade oris, bitter almond, licorice, angelica, sweet flag and mandarin peel; organic juniper and coriander; Nepalese cardamom; and home-grown organic lime-peel, wild bergamot flower, & lemon verbena.

Agriculture: Mixed. Botanicals are locally-grown organic herbs and medicinal-grade imported herbs and spices. Pure dextrose extracted from conventional agriculture.

Fermentation: Controlled.

Distillation: Clean spirit is distilled in a tiny copper alembic from the in-house ferment. Botanicals are redistilled in stainless steel in four batches according to like types of aromatics (earth/floral/spice/fruit) and these distillates are then blended.

Filtration: To 1-Micron.

Mutability: While no flocking occurs, the gin retains some mouthfeel indicative of ageing potential. The flavours will integrate and form smoother and complex longer-chain aromatics over time.

Size: 500ml

Strength: 40%

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