Romano Levi Grappa Paglierina 2008-2015

Romano Levi Grappa Paglierina 2008-2015


The quintessential post-prandial!

Paglierina is the nickname given by locals of Neive to the grappa of Romano Levi, because all of his labels were unique, and hand-drawn. This classic rendition was distilled during Romano Levi's lifetime in 2006, and bottled in 2014. Distilled from the vinacce of DOC & DOCG Barbera, Nebbiolo & Dolcetto d'Alba and bottled at 45%, this grappa truly transports you to the sunny hills of Piemonte, filling your body and your heart with the warmth of that special pocket of the world. The label is a reproduction of Romano Levi's joyous series "Donna Selvatica che Scevallica la Colline". 

700ml | 45% ALC/Vol

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