Romano Levi Mini Pack

Romano Levi Mini Pack


A mini pack of four x 50ml bottles of Romano Levi grappa. A wonderful gift, or a treat for yourself, of Romano Levi Chamomile, Moscato, Bianca and Paglierina grappas.

'Romano e Lidia Levi Grappa alla Camomilla' - from an old recipe found in the diary of Romano Levi's sister and lifelong collaborator. A blend of Romano Levi grappa with a rich infusion of chamomile flowers, this 'Grappa Gentile' is wonderful as an introduction to Romano Levi grappe and the finale to your evening. 

‘Romano Levi Grappa di Moscato' - fresh perspective on the classic grappas from Romano Levi. 100% Moscato Grappa from DOCG vineyards in Asti. Aged for 12 months in old acacia barrels and bottled at 40%. This grappa is extremely aromatic and shows the immense quality of the fruit with precise integration of wood. 

‘Romano Levi Grappa Bianca’ - From the same vintage and blend of vinaccia as the Riserva Paglierina, the Bianca is aged 8 years in ash-wood barrels, which yield no colour or aroma, allowing the spirit to rest without the interaction of oxygen, humidity, and wood. Created from pomace of Nebbiolo (Barbaresco), Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba. Distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2014, spending 8 years in 700 litre casks of ash.

‘Romano Levi Grappa Paglierina’ - Paglierina is the nickname given by locals of Neive to the grappa of Romano Levi, because all of his labels were unique, and hand-drawn. This classic rendition was distilled during Romano Levi's lifetime in 2006, and bottled in 2014. Distilled from the vinacce of DOC & DOCG Barbera, Nebbiolo & Dolcetto d'Alba and bottled at 45%, this grappa truly transports you to the sunny hills of Piemonte, filling your body and your heart with the warmth of that special pocket of the world. The label is a reproduction of Romano Levi's joyous series "Donna Selvatica che Scevallica la Colline". 

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