Lawrenny Estate | 1818 Settlers Gin

Lawrenny Estate | 1818 Settlers Gin


The 1818 Settlers embodied the strength and character of those who came to colonize the Lawrenny land area. Bold juniper comes through both on the nose and the palate, as herbal notes from the property's own rosemary intertwines with the freshness of caraway. All bolstered by the warming spice of pimento berry and cassia bark. The 1818 Settlers has a mild smokiness, not usually associated with gin, from a careful blend of the intense botanical brown cardamom that graces the finish, without dominating the dried fruit notes below.

ABV - 52.5%

700ml bottle

Style: Navy Strength ; Profile: Spice, Herbal, Earthy, Smoke ; Key Botanicals: Caraway Seed, Brown Cardamom (smoke), Elderberry, Apple, Rosemary

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