Charles Oates Apple Spirit

Charles Oates Apple Spirit


We're delighted to offer in-store now the true spirit of the Huon, the Charles Oates unaged apple spirit.

Distilled from a specifically brewed cider from organic local orchards, this is a visionary local product that we love drinking cold after meals or mixed as a delightful local alternative to white rum or gin in fresh cocktails. Mojitos and White Ladies never tasted so good.

Enjoy in a: Pan American Clipper

Style: Unaged apple eau-de-vie

Producers: Charles Oates, the distilling brand of Willie Smiths Cider

Region: Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia

Ingredients: Pink Lady Apples

Agriculture: Organic

Fermentation: Controlled ferment of fresh apples. No preservative added.

Distillation: Twice-distilled in a custom Charentais alembic still.

Filtration: Natural filtration whereby spirit is left to rest for up to six months, allowing for natural flocking to drop out and leaving as much character as possible inside the spirit.

Mutability: We'll get back to you on this.

Size: 700ml

Strength: 40% ABV


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