Belgrove Distillery Oat Whisky - Batch 2 "Liquid Gold"

Belgrove Distillery Oat Whisky - Batch 2 "Liquid Gold"


Belgrade Distillery’s head distiller Peter Bignell is an amazingly interesting individual. He grows all his own grains and fuels his machines with bio-fuel. Every step of the distillation process is done on-site in Camden and this Oak Whisky is an outstanding result of Peter’s meticulous approach. From a handful of different product project’s this whisky is probably the most unique of the whole Belgrove range.

Softer and rounder than Rye whisky, this oat derivative has a toasty, crunchy nuttiness and that has the nostalgic appeal of a hearty bowl of cornflakes. The floral aromatics are superbly evident and blossom further with the addition of a couple of drops of water.

This is a truly stunning local whisky.

Nose: creamy texture (which is probably a house style), quite a sweet nose, soft and complex, fresh white bread dough, some tropical fruit – short before being overripe, nutty-oily,

Palate: a variety of nuts – mainly hazelnut, grainy, caramel, Fudge, creamy, peppery, the addition of water reveals more overripe fruit aromas

Finish: creamy, peppery, roasted aromas with a tad of smoke

500ml | 55.5%Alc/Vol

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