Argalà Artisanal Pastis 200ml

Argalà Artisanal Pastis 200ml


* Argalà Artisanal Pastis in Miniature Size! *

Argalà Pastis draws on the traditional popularity of anise-flavoured spirits along Mediterranean coastlines from the Middle-East to Spain. Utilising common ingredients popular in port towns such as star anise and cinnamon, Argalà Pastis is fortified through the addition of locally harvested subalpine herbs and spices. Each small batch takes at least four months to prepare for bottling.

For fans of the aniseed aperitif, Argalà Pastis is a revelation. With so much natural goodness, Argalà Pastis is truly a restorative drink designed for the year-round Australian climate.

Enjoy over ice with a little water.

Size: 200ml

Strength: 45% ABV

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