Argalà Gin al Genepy 200ml

Argalà Gin al Genepy 200ml


* Argalà Gin al Genepy in Miniature Size! *

Argalà Gin al Genepy tells of the embrace between two long-established traditions: Gin, the international one and Genepy, the local one. It is an Alpine interpretation of a historic drink, with roots so far from mountains of the North West Italy where it it made.

Harnessing many botanicals from the region this gin naturally, revolves around juniper. The flavour of the local juniper berry reflects the unicity of the Maritime Alps, where perfumes and aromas from the nearby Mediterranean sea are concentrated by the first mountain cold.
Alongside Juniper are the balsamic and herbal notes of coriander, caraway seeds and pine needles and the sweet notes of almond, elderberries, apricot kernels and
acacia flowers. To warm it all, the exotic notes of vanilla and cubeb berries.
Finally, to mark the flavour profile and underline the origins of our gin, we add the local Genepy, a breathe of Alpine freshness.

This is a sophisticated Gin that goes down easy over ice or in any number of cocktails.

200ml || 45%

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