How many legends about Absinthe, the green fairy, the opalescent light and the intoxicating effects of Absinthe! ! Paris, the artists of the Bohème, the two international writers that summer, the dreams, the fountain from which trickles the ice water over the sugar cube in the light-green glory and our senses are befuddled ... Sweet Memory

A look at the trendy bars of the metropolis shows quickly: the Absinthe and his enjoyment are "in" again: new products are appearing en masse in a market newly rededicated to the lifestyle. But in the majority these Absinthes have absolutely nothing to do with the real, traditional absinthe of the 19th century.

From master distiller Christoph Keller and the Stählemühle, this traditional "Absinthe du Lac de Constance" was developed over three years from original recipes of the 19th century and is produced in a traditional method.

The herbal ingredients used (eg Artemisia Absinthia, Pontic wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm, fennel and anise) are hand-cultivated in the distillery herb garden, harvested, dried and processed by hand whilst fresh, which guarantees the downright bombastic complexity of flavor. 

Not pushy Anis flavored pastis is here sweetly in the foreground, but the whole range of summer herb garden. "A single swallow of a genuine absinthe to be like a walk on a summer flower meadow in the mountains!" Anyone who wants to experience a truly authentic absinthe, can not ignore this distillate. "Keller et Fils" is a taste of the truly profound way strong stuff for intensive hours. Connoisseurs this absinthe is not diluted with water, but pure. 




This absinthe is probably the only distillate world that has ever received a single review in an art magazine! So Grit Weber writes in the January issue of Artkaleidokop our Green Fairy "Absinthe Keller et Fils - More than just the sum of its parts!" 


"What can I say: This is simply the best Absinthe, the Made in Germany is "!

Markus Lion, Absinthe.de 


gold medal" Top level "***** winner of the Premium Select International Spirits 2010 


tasting notes by Arthur Nägele (Spirits Academy): " smell: Intense, hamonische herbal notes with slight Anisdominanz clearly Wermuth, fresh with notes of lemon balm flavor: Certain aniseed sweetness, slightly minty mentholig, discreet Wermuth on the palate, slightly bitter, licorice, long, powerful finish!



Rating: **** (4 stars) " 


" The green Fairy at its best appearance: a strong fabric "(longing Germany, No. 6,, 2015.)! 


" Tastes like a flower meadow "(WirtschaftsWoche, no, 31, 2015.)!

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