Fiat Lux - The Lumiere Lodge House Cocktail

Let there be light!

Welcome, guest, to The Green Room. It’s always cocktail hour at Lumiere Lodge and we are proud to present your tastebuds with the essence of Southern Tasmania in a bottle.

Belgrove Rye is macerated with kelp & lavender in a small barrel before we strain out and blend with wildflower honey and toasted chicory. A drop of cacao extract rounds out this elixir, which truly contains the essence of the southern sun as captured by grass, flower, bee and sea.

The intoxicating complexity of the drink is one to savour when you are truly un-rushed.

Take a rocks glass and place a large ice cube inside. Pour half of the contents of your bottle - 75ml - over the ice.

Next, find a lemon and cut a small piece of peel. Express the lemon oils over the surface of the drink and discard.

Raise your glass to the sun (or moon) and savour.