Apricot Spritz for Lumiere Lodge

Old-world elegance calls for classic styling and entertaining, and thus we are happy to present exclusively for you the Apricot Spritz, featuring the king of ancient fruits as hero of the quintessential continental cocktail.

We macerated stone fruit from backyard trees - peaches, nectarines & apricots - into pure spirit, letting them rest and extract together for 5 months with a good hard weekly shake. Once we ‘harvested’ the macerated spirit, we blended them carefully together, added dashes of Marionette Apricot Brandy Liqueur, Bio Bitter and orange blossom, to arrive at this delightful mix.

To enjoy the spritz, take a cocktail glass and put one large ice cube from the freezer into the glass. Next pour 75ml from the decanter over the ice into the glass, and top with 100ml of soda.

You may wish to trim some rosemary and place onto the ice cube for a tiny something extra.

Angus Burton