retiring gin

A quick note on how to find the products we once imported. I was very happy to hand every product over to companies that I respect and people who have helped me enormously since I started Spirit People in May 2014.

  1. Grappa from Distilleria Levi Serafino (Romano Levi) is now imported by Puncheon Bottles and is available now. All of the Puncheon team have been a great help to me since day 1. https://puncheonbottles.com/

  2. Argalà Artisanal Liquors are now imported and distributed by Giorgio de Maria. Giorgio was a massive help since day 1 and hails from the same region as Piero and Enrico of Argalà. He understands the tradition and heritage of spirits and herbal lore in the isolated Maritime Alps and I can’t think of anyone better to continue to share this in Australia.

  3. Walcher Gutsbrennerei - Rondo and Bio Bitter - are now available exclusively through Godot Wines.

  4. In Tasmania, Brands on Parade are now looking after Marionette Liqueurs.

  5. Phantom Spirits

  6. Säntis Malt Whiskies

  7. Stählemühle. Ah if only.

  8. Vestal Vodka

  9. The Retiring Gin. See picture above.

I’ll continue to update this list as more products are signed up.



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