SHAKE IT poster finished scott.jpg

We’re back at the party! This Friday at Moonah’s excellent cafe -oaster Shake A Leg Jr, we have a sweet-as list of drinks to keep the winter blues and electoral news at bay - at least for a moment.

We’re actually brewing our menu all week at the cafe. Shake A Leg’s Scott and Annabel roasted a ridiculously delicious batch of washed Kenyan Kiaria coffee for us, and it is currently sitting extracting into a large jar of Phantom Spirits Vanilla Shake Rum.

On the night we are going to shake it with cherry pit-infused grappa & fresh brewed coffee from the same batch, while you shake to the sweet tunes of Good Marinations & Curlicue with your hands in the air (oh, yeah).

This is also going to be our last event for over a month, and Events With Audrey is going to make sure it damn-well looks the part.


And could there be a more appropriately-named venue to celebrate Scomo’s 5mins of fame..?