This Saturday we’re heading back to Artgym with a heavy-lifting menu of strong & fancy drinks. The occasion? To celebrate Artgym athletes’ recent success at the Arnold Strongman, and in particular Women’s under 65kg national champion and record holder Camilla Fogagnolo:

Camilla and the team want to share the secret to success: hauling ass, or in their words to “In a world of unicorns, be a f&*^ing draft horse!”

That’s where we come in with our bourbon, puns and Thomas Cook shirts. We’ve prepared a hella tasty selection of equine-themed seasonal drinks for you to load up on while checking out the gym, checking out the gym members, and to loosen your joints before riding the mechanical bull - and if that’s not a gym you want to join I don’t know what is.

We’ve enlisted help with styling from Lily at Events With Audrey who, at a party in a gym with a mechanical bull and real life draft horses, is trying really hard to make us look less like f&#(ing unicorns!

This Saturday May 11th from 3-7pm. Saddle up and get along.

PS. We’ve watched Camilla do sets in real life and promise we’re going to try to make shaking drinks look really hard.

Copyright: Netflix

Copyright: Netflix