“ Generous” handsomely modeled by gun blade Sidney Davies

Generous” handsomely modeled by gun blade Sidney Davies

In a week of new beginnings for Spirit People, the popup bar at Monks & Co gentlemens barbers provided the best opportunity to celebrate and get to work. Alongside a live jazz quartet, the setting was perfect for me to return to a style of mixed drinks I haven’t visited since staging at Little Red Door in Paris, 2013. 

This was my most enjoyable period behind the bar – in my favourite city in the world, with new products and flavours to work with nearly every day. It was a far cry from what I’d been exposed to in Australia and the US until that point, where every ingredient within reach seemed highly commercialised and standardised. The spirits available to me in Paris then were complex, rough around the edges, and challenging to work into balanced drinks.

But they also packed wallops of flavour, and to me there was a great opportunity to bring these to Australia and showcase the greatest aromatics in nature to my peers behind the bar here. At last, I’m happy to be able to do this via the medium of mixed drinks once again.

Named like a 90s hip-hop song, “Generous” is the combination of Argalà Genepy Gin with apricot that I’ve constantly been fiddling with for the past three years. Often simplest is best, and the dry Australian Style negroni (I can’t wait to write about this) served as inspiration. Marionette’s excellent and slightly tannic Apricot Brandy Liqueur provides the perfect structural foil for the ethereal genepy and bright apricot aromatics, while the earthy Bio Bitter all but disappears beneath the others while anchoring the drink and providing just a lick of bitterness.


45ml Argalà Genepy Gin

15ml Marionette Apricot Brandy

15ml Walcher Bio Bitter

Build over ice, give a quick stir and squeeze a lemon peel over the top for freshness.

Nicole Kennedy &  Tom Ambroz  enjoying a cocktail at Monks & Co

Nicole Kennedy & Tom Ambroz enjoying a cocktail at Monks & Co