The ever formidable Pilar Basa. Image courtesy of Pilar.

The ever formidable Pilar Basa. Image courtesy of Pilar.


If you were following our events during Dark Mofo this year, you might have seen some of the incredible imagery of runes and beasties that helped bring the Spirit People events to life.

The imagery and menu design for our popup Dark Souls || High Spirits at The Den in Salamanca came solely from the inspired mind and industrious hands of Sydney-based artist Pilar Basa, and she has really lifted the bar for us as we start planning our summer events this year.

Pilar had just returned home after five years in NYC when we met her this year at The Festival At Basket Range. Working with sister Alicia, and her partner Mark of Borachio Wines, Pilar designed the most incredible signage for our collaborative spritz cocktail served with Fruit Zone & Borachio.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 10.14.04 PM.png

"These are incredible, can you work with any other mediums or styles?" we wondered.

As it turned out she sure could! From runic symbology that completely articulated our cocktail service, a concise typeface and layout, and extremely cool and wicked linocut Spirit Beasties, Pilar's work still has us stunned.


If you're in Melbourne this week, catch Pilar at the Melbourne Art Fair until Sunday.