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Late last year (suspiciously close to Jesus' birthday) we had a very special arrival in Tasmania. A strange, eerie character from the North...the kind you would see in a Hans Christian Anderson tale.

Ewen had arrived.

At the time, he was living in the remote town of Ouse, working with Lawrenny Distillery, and we thought, great, another buddy in town. Little did we know that Spirit People was about to receive an intravenous injection of pure, unfiltered, denim-clad dark magic.

Ewen (pronounced E-y-wo-en) has spent the greater portion of his adult life in and around bars, developing an experienced palate, a vast knowledge of booze and cocktails, and a very healthy level of cynicism. Not only that but a great mind and eye for hospitality events in particular. So when Ewen came on to work with Spirit People at the Street Eats @ Franko markets, it was clear to all that he was the man to drive the live arm of the operation forward.

Since then, Ewen has owned the physical aspect of Spirit People; on-premise, markets, events, menus, you name it. He was also the mind behind this special edition Spirit People logo...

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Let's take some time to get intimately acquainted with some things you may not know about Ewen Davies...

1. Ewen taught in a school in Tanzania for 3 months. No joke. Chemistry and computer science.

2. He is a massive fan of ballet and opera. Who says culture can't come in a can?

3. Ewen has two right feet.. making him super-amazing at modern dance steps - notably the pop & lock.

4. Privately, his favourite band is Steps, and he will tell anyone in earshot the tale of when he red-pilled listening to 5,6,7,8.

5. Ewen watched the sun rise over Africa from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.... Wankered because beer was cheaper than water. He tells us.

Ewen's aptitude for booze is mighty. You can experience it currently sitting at the bar at Franklin, or at any special Spirit People events with delicious drinks like this: