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This year we had the great privilege of joining ranks with two of Tassie's finest - the colossal wave that is Dark Mofo and Hobart's staple and downright local favourite watering hole, The Den

During our festival long residency upstairs at The Den during Dark Mofo 2018, we were given an amazing opportunity to work with countless talented individuals from countless disciplines and we were constantly blown away by the collective madness that swept us up and inevitably resulted in some unforgettable times and some unforgettable cocktails. Here's one (with more to follow soon)...

The MASTER & MARGARITA is a very simple twist on a classic formula that anyone can make at home. It was also one of our most aromatic cocktails during the three-week popup.

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The drink was put together not by a fancy bartender but by The Den's tireless cocktail waiter Christine Bergholdt. When Christine is not making our job look much easier than we can, she is visiting some of the world's most remote locations and we thoroughly recommend giving her a follow on the gram here. For now, you'll have to settle for flavour adventures.

A margarita is traditionally a hot-weather refreshment, and Christine has firmly brought the formula into winter using Clumsy Bear Single Malt Vodka from her native Denmark, and infusing it with aromatic tea "something we drink a lot of in winter in Denmark".

The cocktail follows a Tommy's Margarita recipe, which is a shaken up tequila-sour with lemon/lime juice and agave syrup as a sweetener.

The tea infusion gives this cocktail a delicious and attractive foamy head, and the cocktail is given that little something extra with the addition of a teaspoon of Romano Levi Chamomile Grappa on top. The rich unctuous grappa really seeps into the drink while the aromatic beauty of the chamomile binds with and rises from the thick head of the drink itself.

Ok, how to do it:

Tea infusion;

// infuse 1 bottle of Clumsy Bear Vodka with 10 grams of Earl Grey & 10 grams of Russian Caravan teas

// Leave for 24 hours - we want to extract floral and smoky aromatics from the two teas, and tannins from the leaves - then strain so that the vodka does not become too tannic.

// Combine;

45ml Clumsy Bear Vodka

15ml Lemon Juice

15ml Agave Syrup

Give a short but energetic shake and fine-strain over fresh ice

Drizzle 5-10ml of Romano Levi Chamomile Grappa over the top

Raise a glass to the Danes