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Designed by the Walcher wizards as an all-organic substitute ingredient for other Italian or general aperitif spirits, Venticinque Bio Bitter is a fantastic product to elevate some of the most iconic classic cocktails or to balance the sweetness in even the most basic long drink.  

When used in cocktails, the bitter element of this outstanding product acts like a sponge, taking the sweetness out of the drink and creating a beautifully dry, crunchy palate akin to grapefruit peel. 

One of our favourite uses for Bio Bitter here at Spirit People is to simply substitute any drink containing Campari to totally change its dynamic, introducing a dry, earthy fruitiness that has a staggeringly widespread appeal.

Pairing equally well with gin, or dark spirits like whisky and cognac, Bio Bitter creates a next level negroni or, for an easy at home use, try a splash in your next gin and tonic.

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