It seems there isn’t much those Danes don’t do well and Phantom Spirits proves that they definitely know how to produce a top-shelf spirit through unrivaled sourcing and inspired methods. 

By their own admission, Phantom Spirits is a “council established to disrupt the new world sports order by infiltrating the purveyors of injustice by the way of the shadow.” Well, if “shadow” refers to their genius ability to source stellar product and then elevate it even more then they certainly have their game well played. 

Phantom Spirits Guatemalan 4yo Vanilla Shake Rum is one of the finest examples of cask finish rum we have had the pleasure of tasting here at Spirit People. Taking molasses rum from Guatemala, the ‘council’ apply a second round aging process using extremely limited beer barrels. The Beer Geek Vanilla Shake comes out the other end of the process with the best vanilla/coffee/fudge taste your taste buds have likely experienced. Rounding off with hints of cognac marinated raisins and mild pepper (!) this is a rum that is equally great straight or built into a rum flip, milk punch or the best banana daiquiri you’ve ever tasted.

With only 2000 bottles available worldwide you’d better get your hands on one of these fast.