The panic has subsided…we are enormously pleased to announce the return of the much revered and fabulously tasty Aperitivo Bitter Artigianale from the talented lads at Argalà. 

When friends Enrico and Piero went hiking through the alpine surrounds of the renowned Argalà distillery they stopped to admire the view and drink some sweet tea. Mindlessly, they munched on the surrounding deep-blue gentian flowers that populates the alpine areas of northern Italy and, to combat the intensely bitter taste, took another sip of their sugared hibiscus herbal tea. The resulting combination was a defining moment, a mouth party, and the instant that their exceptional artisanal bitters was conceived.

Now one of our all-time favourites, Argalà Artisinale Bitters has repeatedly been a sell-out feature here at Spirit People so we are over the moon to have some new bottles in our hot little hands. We can assure you they won’t last long - Enrico and Piero’s traditional ‘homemade’ approach means their production is small-scale and boutique aiming for the highest quality herbs and processes combined in each bottle - so get in fast to grab a bottle (or two)!