“Like a dry martini, a vodka has to give a kick full of character - short, precise, pure and full of body. But as Russian/Japanese culture is often about humility, it is not a taste boasting years of wood or fifty ingredients. It is a short, precise kick like a well-written book title by Dostoyevsky or Gogol:) And the kick is pure, as the sensation has to go inward - zen.” - Frederik Plum, Distiller.

The namesake product that pioneered Denmark’s remarkable Den Klodsede Bjørn Distillery, Den Klodsede (Clumsy Bear) Vodka, is one we at Spirit People have the utmost admiration for. This is partly due to the wonderful story behind its maker Frederik Plum, and partly because it is just such an epic ingredient in one of the most classic of classic cocktails. The humble vodka martini. 

This truly unfiltered pure malt vodka has wallops of flavour, and is made with utter care. It tastes like sweet malt, has strength, and yet no sharp edges. These characteristics make it a superb basis for a vodka martini so, without further ado, we present to you the Clumsy Bear Vodka Martini;


60ml of Vodka




Keep the vodka, mixing glass and cocktail glass in the fridge or freezer overnight

Have stirring ice ready to go straight from the freezer (don't take it out yet)

Take a lemon and cut a small, 4-5cm rough disc of the peel. Leave the pith but remove any flesh from the peel.

Take the vodka and mixing glass from the freezer and pour at least 45ml per serve, up to 75ml per serve. (1.5-2.5 standard drinks)

Fill the mixing glass with ice straight out of the freezer (to keep it from melting) at least 1 inch over the volume of liquid.

Give a quick stir, around 30 seconds, or 3 seconds if none of the vodka or mixing glass were chilled prior (this prevents over-dilution of the warm spirit with melting ice).

Get your glass out of the freezer and squeeze the lemon peel to express those oils all over the inside and around the rim of the glass. 

Throw away the peel.

Stir the vodka for 30 seconds more.

Strain your freezing vodka into the glass.

Et Voila you just made a martini!

Witness the lemon oils rise to the surface of the glass.

Look your partner in the eye and smile/cock an eyebrow.

chink glasses

Enjoy that fresh citrus aroma and the sensation of viscous, authentic, hand-made spirit.

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