Argalá, in the local dialect, means ‘satisfied.’ Not the ordinary kind of satisfaction, but more a peace of mind. Being Argalà means to be happy, with a well-set table and friends to help toast to life.

Argalà's Genepy Gin encompasses this notion of satiated pleasure and joy in life and has become one of the spirits we are most proud of here at Spirit People. The secret may well be in it’s coming together of styles. Produced in the foothills of the Maritime Alps, 5km from France and a quick stop to the Mediterranean, the earthy and seascape notes are captured in the essence of the product. 

Enrico & Piero from Argalà produce this sensational spirit from 100% wild or bio herbs and spices which are cold-macerated, while the genepy flowers - a uniquely aromatic style of spirit in its own right - are cold-vapour-infused. The whole process takes months and leaves us with an incredible spirit.

Aside from its wide-reaching origins and careful production, Genepy Gin is equally transformative across uses in the bar. Whether you enjoy your gin served chilled and over ice, or in an aromatic negroni, powerful little gin sour or even a toddy, Argalà Genepy Gin will rise to the occasion and leave you feeling distinctly satisfied with life. 

Argalà Gin al Genepy
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