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We’ve had a great time visiting, collaborating with and tasting the incredible products coming out of Willie Smith’s in the beautiful Huon Valley lately and their recent inaugural cocktail competition provided the perfect excuse to hold a pop up and design a couple of cocktails heralding the deliciousness and incredible breadth of their Charles Oates Apple Spirit

Charles Oates Apple Spirit is a local apple brandy variant using the apples in the surrounding Huon Valley, so we decided to design a cocktail that echoed its classic notes and quintessential flavour, the Sazerac. We like to call our version the Huorleans Cocktail. A little New Orleans being reconstructed in the Huon Valley. You get the idea ;)

Complete with all the characteristics you would expect - anise, bitters and smooth cognac notes - this little number delivers on expectation and ups the ante thanks to the very definite nod to local industry and produce. 

To reproduce the Huorleans Cocktail at home;

Combine the following ingredients;

- 60ml Charles Oates Apple Spirit

- 5ml Argala Pastis

- 5ml Sugar Syrup

- 1 Drop Aromatic Bitters

Stir ingredients over ice (we prefer to use ice from the Antarctic Ice Co. or Navy Strength Ice Co.).

Strain into a glass and serve with a garnish of lemon zest.  

Charles Oates Apple Spirit
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Argalà Artisanal Pastis
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