Although pastis is generally associated with its French genealogy, the clever minds at Argalà have managed to produce an outstanding Italian derivative. 

Combining a deep-seated collective knowledge passed down through three generations of spirit production, and local botanicals, Argalà Artisinal Pastis culminates into a unique tasting experience which is evident in each and every bottle.  

Friends Enrico, and Piero have been producing this pastis since 2011 and instill a sense of family, tradition, nostalgia and local flavour in their processes and ingredients. Never being satisfied with the status quo, they have managed to produce a spirit that has all the hallmarks expected in a top quality pastis and introduced a distinctly earthy and alpine note reminiscent of the north-west region of Italy where it has been developed. 

Argalà Artisinal Pastis has a very subtle sweetness and that medicinal and herbaceous quality more common to other Italian aperitifs. The anise flavour typical this style of spirit is still the first note that is picked up on the first sip, though it is not sharp but rather rounded out beautifully by the earthy and rooty tones of the other botanicals. True to the Argalà definition, this is one spirit that leaves you thoroughly satisfied. Not just in terms of nourishment, but in the very essence of life.

Argalà Artisanal Pastis
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