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The Sacrificial Lambrusco was created in collaboration with The Den’s Adam Brooks and is one of the most unusually brilliant and infinitely considered drinks on our Dark Mofo menu. 

Working in concert with our fantastically seductive Dark Mofo menu, this refreshingly piquant drink is full of natural fruit flavours whilst sitting well outside the typical fruity cocktail genre thanks to the hit of chilli that cuts through and anchors the cocktail to the dark side. Leave your preconceptions behind when you chose this little winner. Not only is it utterly simple in its construction and perfectly balanced, it is also unexpected and takes you flying from smooth and silky vanilla base notes in the Phantom Spirits 4yo Guatemalan Rum to bubbly freshness and sweet, ripe blackcurrant flavours from the superb Marionette Dry Cassis as it progresses through the palate. The Sacrificial Lambrusco transitions entirely as it warms. As the ice melts away the drink transforms to its earthy roots and the Romano Levi Grappa rises to the occasion and leaves you wondering just ho this drink can go so far from first to last sip…and then it's time to start all over again with another one!

To make at home. 


30ml Chilli infused Phantom Spirits Rum

30ml Marionette Dry Cassis

10ml Toasted cacao nib infused Romano Levi Grappa

10ml Demerara sugar syrup

20ml Lemon juice

Soda Water

Build in the glass and garnish with a cucumber ribbon and toasted dried chilli.

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Romano Levi Grappa di Barolo
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Marionette Dry Cassis Liqueur
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