Dark Krystal.jpg

The Dark Krystal Cocktail is your induction into the darkness. Essentially a rum old-fashioned, this full flavoured assault on the senses is an homage to Dark Mofo and a signature drink at The Den x Spirit People pop up throughout the festival.

Sweetened with honey and spiced with the fiery allspice Pimento Dram, the Dark Krystal is finished with a splash of Romano Levi Moscato Grappa which sends the drink descending down through complex layers that sing with each part of your palate and then leave a lingering smokey memory. This is the drink of choice for those wanting to be taken on a journey that echoes the dark intensity of a pensive winters night and conjures the tempting promise to ignite a fire in the pit of your belly. Dark and sensual The Dark Krystal has gallons of depth yet a startling balance. Smokey, spicy, sweet and heady. We dare you to try it at home.


50ml  Phantom Spirits Vanilla Shake Guatemalan 4yo Rum

5ml Pimento Dram

5ml Honey

5ml Romano Levi Moscato Grappa

Stir over ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass.