We are delighted to be bringing our events bar to the Willie Smiths Apple Shed on Monday, May 7, to present delicious Charles Oates Apple Spirit cocktails for competitors and supporters at the first-ever cocktail competition in the Huon Valley.

Distilled from a specifically brewed cider from organic cider apple varieties, there is real craftsmanship behind the spirit, and incredible flavour within it.

The competition drinks are bound to be complex, conceptual and convivial, showcasing one of the most talented displays of bartending we'll see in Australia this year.

Served by our triple threat of Tom Ambroz, Ewen Davies and Gus Burton, our drinks will showcase the vibrancy and possibilities of the Charles Oates spirit itself, using no more than four ingredients for each drink:

Apple Old Fashioned Charles Oates Spirit with Argalà Spiced Apple & Willie Smiths Pommeau

Orchard Kir Charles Oates Spirit with Marionette Dry Cassis topped with Willie Smiths Bone Dry Cider

Smoke on the Orchard a simple martini with Charles Oates, Smoky Bear Peated Vodka, vintage vermouth

Charlie You're Not My Charlie Anymore Organic apples juiced fresh and served with Charles Oates and spices

WS-170512-3872 - SMALL.jpg

Follow our instagram feed on the night for more info on the drinks, the competition, and on the reactions of some pretty tough judges to the competitors entries.

We'll also be posting recipes for our drinks over the next couple of days.

Here's cheers to parties on Mondays!