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Marionette Liqueurs have exploded into the Australian cocktail industry lately and home connoisseurs and bar managers alike are breathing a collective sigh of relief to have local options to some of the most staple of cocktail ingredients. Liqueurs have been relegated to the dark corner of the shelf for far too long and its high time a brand like this shone a spotlight on their breadth and deliciousness. 

New to the Spirit People portfolio is Marionette’s Orange Curaçao. Featuring Naval, Seville and blood oranges sourced directly from Glenn - a third generation citrus farmer from Mildura - this little local option takes every cocktail to ‘fancy’. 

Pouring a slightly hazy, grassy gold, this liqueur has complex scents of gingerbread, fresh orange oil & sweet raisin. The palate is oily but not dense, with warm spices & a balanced level of sweetness. Ginger, cinnamon & more sweet orange close it out, leaving a similar sense of satisfaction one gets from eating a piece of freshly baked cake. 

This Orange Curaçao is a crucial ingredient for bartenders. 

Marionette Orange Curaçao Liqueur
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