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We’ve all heard of the acclaim of Danish design and, whilst this is usually thought of more in terms of architecture, furniture and the like, a motley crew of Danes has more recently set the spirit world on fire with some serious creativity of their own. 

Danish company, Phantom Spirits, has rather clandestinely gathered an enviable collection of aged rums and experimented (we like to imagine this happening under the cover of darkness cos..well…you know…it just sits right) with a variety of cask finishes. 

These guys came on our radar late last year and knocked our socks off. Their maiden product is a 17 yo Barbadian rum. Once sourced, Phantom gives this rum a second round of aging in barrels sourced from a few local punk brewers. 

The result is a rum unlike any other. Matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished with Warpigs Imperial Stout, Phantom Barbados Rum gives a heavenly assault on the senses. Think caramelised banana and fresh cut wood on the palate and leather, chocolate, hay and malt on the nose. 

By their own admission, Phantom Spirits aim to “disrupt the new world [spirits] order by way of infiltrating the purveyors of injustice by the way of shadow” and, in keeping with this guise of darkness, produce no more than 3500 bottles in their entire range. So if you want to get your hands on a lucrative bottle of Phantom Barbados Rum then we suggest you get in quick!