Our head honcho; the guru of all things aromatic - Angus Burton, is on a very special, high level research mission in Europe.

Some of the most unique and interesting aromatics and spirits in our range are from the hidden corners and Alpine paradises of Italy, Switzerland and Poland, just to name a few in the diverse continent. The itinerary for this trip involves much hand-shaking, spirits tasting, and travelling to some producers in the most jaw-dropping locations in Europe... I know.. terrible. Don't worry Gus, we'll be having a great time in Tassie anyway.

We've covered many of these distilleries before, check out those earlier stories. Can't wait to see the progress everybody has made, and to taste the things that they have been brewing since our last visit!

Depending on how long the goodbyes, this trip will involve a drive to Boves for a couple of days in the alps with Piero and Enrico from Argalà. Then it's off to Levi Distillery to taste the new amaro and vermouth. Staying on the vermouth train to the Walcher Estate Distillery (the home of our beloved Rondo) for some drinks there, then it's off to Switzerland to drink all the Swissky, including Säntis, our favourite beer cask Alpine Single Malt. We'll make our way through to see the family at Phantom Spirits, Clumsy Bear, Empirical Distillery, and whoever else wants to share their stories (and spirits) with us!

Stay tuned, we'll keep the updates coming as the postcards come flying in from Angus.

Salute! Na zdrowie! Prost! etc.