Image of Audrey captured by  Rosie Hastie .

Image of Audrey captured by Rosie Hastie.


Like her namesake, Audrey is daring, clever, beautiful, timeless and full of charm and witticism. Unlike her namesake, this Audrey is an elegant caravan bar for hire throughout Tasmania. We have had the absolute pleasure of working with and from Audrey on numerous occasions and each and every one has been a memorable and exclusive experience. For those that come together to celebrate life’s joys with a left of centre bar offering like Audrey, that extra layer of magic that sets great events apart from one-of-a-kind celebrations is clearly present.

Audrey was conceived by the entrepreneurial brilliance of Lily Kirkland. Everyone, meet Lily, Lily meet everyone. Now lets find out a little more about Audrey.

SP: Tell us all about Events With Audrey and how Audrey came to be? 
LK: Audrey was acquired on a spontaneous road-trip to Bridport, Tasmania, in original 1955 condition. Starting just 45 minutes into the journey home, Audrey has since been transformed into a bespoke caravan bar under the expert guidance of my lovely mother, and Audrey’s resident interior designer, Rebecca Kirkland (of Bury Kirkland Ferri). With Huon Pine bench tops, bi-fold windows, and brass fittings throughout, she very quickly transformed from an original 1955’s caravan (floral curtains and all) to a vision of elegant, functional design while honouring her humble Tasmanian roots.

Aside from the van itself, Events with Audrey is the brainchild of my love for event styling and passion for events that bring people together. Having worked in the events and brand experience world previously, I hold a true love for creating experiences for people and this combined, with Audrey’s unquestionable charm, is where I aim to make any event with Audrey an unforgettable bar experience and a darn good time!

SP: There are many allusions to Audrey Hepburn on your digital platforms. Why is she the perfect alter ego for a cocktail bar? 

LK: Audrey’s life was understated, she beamed effortless elegance. It is hard to understate the most beautiful and humble human image of the 20th century. Our name, the van and our alter ego are in appreciation and homage to her true beauty (inside and out) and we aim to replicate it in each event and experience we create. After all, Audrey believed “the most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy – that’s all that matters”. Thus becoming the essence of Events with Audrey - enjoy your life, be happy and most importantly drink great things, in great style and with great company.


SP: What can a caravan do that a regular fixed bar can’t?

LK: Aside from being fully mobile (we can roll up almost anywhere), Audrey is fully equipped like your regular bar, arriving onsite with speciality glassware, eskies, ice and most importantly a smiling and passionate service team. Unlike a fixed bar, Audrey’s presence enhances the act of serving a drink, taking it from a seemingly mundane activity to a uniquely special bar experience for all. 

SP: How did you come to meet Angus and join creative forces on some events?

LK: Like all good meetings- over a cup of coffee! My sister Meg actually put us in contact as she was buying some Rondo from Angus and had mentioned to me I should get in and have a chat with him about Audrey etc. I think this was her subtle way of suggesting there was a lot to be desired in my cocktail crafting skills and that there was huge merit in outsourcing to the best in the biz. I have since learnt to take on ALL of her advice as it couldn’t have sung truer!

Just like that, over a cup of coffee, before I knew it Angus had created a tailored "Audrey" catalogue with a plethora of expertly crafted cocktail options all made with the most amazing local produce and craft spirits to offer our lucky clients. 

With the wheels of this exciting partnership well and truly in motion (pun intended), I am able to leave the cocktail creating in the expert hands of Angus whilst I focus on the other creative factors of an event. Having access to such amazing and expertly considered drink options for Audrey’s clients not only allows me to deliver the upmost quality drinks service but it also allows our clients to experience the bespoke crafted cocktails Angus creates. At the end of the day, being able to serve people expertly crafted drinks from an unquestionable charming and elegant caravan bar leaves them with an unforgettable bar experience- I could not wish for anything more than that from any event with Audrey.

Image by  Jonathan Wherret .

SP: Tell us some quick facts…

How long does it take to get Audrey all set up?

On a good day 45 minutes, but we usually allow for up to an hour and a half- max (allowing some buffer for tricky reversing/manoeuvring of Audrey)!

What’s the largest number of cocktails you’ve turned over in one event?

So far to date, our biggest turn over of cocktails was 200 Pimms Cups and 190 French Martini’s at Michelle and Marty’s epic wedding at Clarendon House. However this feat will be topped in a couple of weeks time with a epic corporate event where Audrey and Audrey’s sister-pop up bar Mia will be serving Angus’s creations of the “Tassie Piñada” and a “Gin & Strawberry Spritz”

How many people does it take to staff Audrey for a full blown event extravaganza?

5 is usually the magic number for full blown extravaganza’s (100-140 guests) - this leaves a couple mixing and shaking in Audrey, whilst the others are keeping the back end under control- circulating, collecting and washing glasses etc.


SP: Tell us about your perfect event? Perfect location? Perfect cocktail?

LK: Oh wow I wouldn’t even know where to begin, so many options and variables! Personally, I believe you can’t look past an intimate gathering, up to 60 people max, this could be any type of celebration or simply just an opportunity/excuse to drink great things in style! 

Summer time would have us on a private property near the ocean - think rolling green paddocks coming down to a private beach on a warm summers afternoon/evening. Guests mingle around Audrey, with live music playing in the background, drifting between basking in the sun and taking a dip in the sea. Guests would have in hand one (or two) of the following: a “Rondò Spritz” (wouldn’t be a celebration without Rondò in some form), “Mesha” (SP’s ultimate shaken summer cocktail and one of Audrey’s favs) or a “Black Rosella Negroni” (because every party needs a Negroni).

Fast forward 3 months, the perfect event would be in an old paved courtyard where guests would be warming their hands on a fire, perching on hide laden seating and warming their insides with either a Whisky Hot Toddy (with apricot brandy and chocolate bitters), Spirit People version of “Man Down” (a stellar quince and mandarin driven drink from TMBTP, Sydney) and a “Negroni Spritz” (where you use half as much fun as a normal Negroni and top with soda).

The stuff dreams are made of…

Image by  Rosie Hastie .

Image by Rosie Hastie.


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