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Well the sun is now fully out across the country and we couldn’t be happier, because: pineapples!

We were recently commissioned by the lovely Lily from Events With Audrey to suggest a mezcal-based cocktail for a sophisticated work party, and after flicking through and finally throwing away the Margarita Mondays recipe archive, came upon this contemporary classic from Parisian barman and restaurateur Thomas Codsi of The Castor Club.

Our founder Angus Burton recalls:

“Back in 2013 I was living in Paris and working at Little Red Door with some of the city of lights’ first wave of local cocktail wizards. These were true auteurs with developed taste for food and drink, unaffected by the mediocre flavours of mass-produced generic products of multinational corporations. What a time! Finding this drink started a little way away from The Castor Club in the 5eme and a conversation with Arthur Combe from the sadly closed Curio Parlor - which was absolutely the most fun bar I’ve probably ever been to, thanks to the service, music, fit-out, and absolute attention to every detail of every drink, every night of the week. (Just look how beautiful it was!) Arthur said to me “Go visit Thomas, the Castor Club is one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever seen, and for a self-taught barman, his drinks are very good.”

The Castor Club. Image: Paris By Mouth

The Castor Club. Image: Paris By Mouth

“So off I set, and by the time I was completely agreeing with Arthur’s summary and while still chatting with Thomas, he served me up the Mexipiñada as a parting shot. ‘How good is this?!’ I thought. ‘Any margarita with earthy, smoky mezcal and good orange curacao works in my book, but doubling down on the fruitiness with fresh pineapple just raises the game, and then layering on subtle complexity with the chartreuse and bitters is downright symphonic. “The drink has to look good, and obviously taste fantastic,” Thomas said.

“What a guy. Not only that, this is one of the tastiest, simple-enough-to-make-at-home drinks that I ever had in that city.”

Lily from Events With Audrey agrees: “Smashing success"



45ml Mezcal

15ml Yellow Chartreuse (Chartreuse Jaune!)

15ml Marionette Orange Curacao

15ml Lime Juice

4 chunks of very ripe pineapple

To make at home;

Muddle pineapple well in the bottom of a shaker.

Add all other ingredients and give it a little stir to release the pineapple from the base of the tin, then add lots of ice and give a good hard shake for 45 seconds.

Strain into a cold glass, no ice.

Add 5 good, full dashes of Angostura Bitters on top. This is for aroma, flavour and visuals as the bitters drops through the foam (caused by the pineapple) and into the drink itself.