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“Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.” 

Melbourne, your darkest desires are coming to you. This Thursday Spirit People joins up with Campbell Burton Wines to present new release rare wines and spirits for the first time. 

Alongside four bottlings from Copenhagen's Phantom Spirits you'll have the opportunity to try Säntis Malt whiskies from Switzerland, and a few choice beauties from Romano Levi as well.

Our head buyer Angus is coming up from base camp Hobart to join Campbell and present you with the most relevant and delicious things to drink this summer.

See them at:

The Moon, Smith St, Collingwood from 11am-2pm

Osteria Ilaria, Little Bourke St, City, from 2:30pm-5pm

This is an event for wine, beer and spirits lovers alike. Officially open to the trade only, we won't be turning anyone away.