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A new gin brand is like gold dust these days, bringing enough excitement to send bloggers and culture-spotters into a spin. But with 3 gin brands releasing globally every day, you might understand why we hesitate to get a gold-class ticket on that train.

This Saturday 10th of June we are heading down to Robbie Brown's on Kingston Beach to run a quick masterclass on Bert Shugg's Retiring Gin, where our local tin-slinger Angus Burton will chat through why this particular micro-batch gin is tasty and worthy of your attention.

We're there as guests of that great bar manager and drinksmith Niall Maurici, and are delighted to stand alongside Ryan Hartshorn with his new Sheep Whey Gin, and James Broinowski of local darling Brocken Spectre.

Each session is ticketed - this is a great little side trip for any Dark Mofo visitors, and the best spot in Tassie to try some rare local whisky while you're at it.