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This month we’ve seen some exciting developments in our SPIRIT PEOPLE portfolio. Today, we couldn’t be more proud, nor privileged, to announce the arrival of a new shipment of grappa from Romano Levi, headlined by hot new arrival the Grappa Di Barolo.

Grappa is determined by the GI or Geographical Indication (origin) of its raw material, and the Grappa di Barolo is made from the pomace of grapes suitable only for the vinification and production of wine with the designation of origin Barolo DOCG.

Like all in the range, this new arrival from Romano Levi is unfiltered and will open up and soften once opened.

Every bottle is a journey, every sip a snapshot. 

Romano Levi Grappa di Barolo
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Romano Levi Grappa di Barolo

A new release! Grappa distilled exclusively from the must and pomace of nebbiolo grapes with the appellation DOCG Barbaresco. Following a long maceration, the pomace or "vinaccia" is distilled once and aged in old oak barrels for almost four years. 

The spirit is highly aromatic and indicates the high quality of the raw ingredients. With a luscious rich mouthfeel and balanced finish that has a deliciously enticing amount of heat.

A great bridge between the Moscato and Paglierina varieties, we predict that this will be a hit.


700ml | 42%

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