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We at SPIRIT PEOPLE couldn’t be happier with the recent success of our Hartshorn Sheep Whey Vodka, voted Australia’s number one vodka at the 2017 World Vodka Awards. We discovered this once-obscure micro distillery in 2015 and immediately threw it into our portfolio as a game-changing, flavoursome and produce-driven vodka that we knew people would go crazy for.

And you did. It seems the world is taking notice, one martini at a time.

Hartshorn is Australia’s smallest distillery, working initially to create 10 bottle batches of supremely-refined-but-delicious vodka, and now gin, from the whey byproduct of their in-house dairy and fromagerie.

Each bottle is hand painted by master distiller Ryan Hartshorn, making this already unique product even more special. Ryan and his family run Grandvewe Cheeses, situated in Birchs Bay in Tasmania’s deep south. If you would like to read further about this incredible product, please visit our distillers page.

Once again, a huge congratulations to Ryan and all of the family at Hartshorn Distillery.