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Luke Burgess & Deborah Blank invite you to dinner with Spirit People at Hobart's iconic Dier Makr.

Marisqueria is a residency at Hobart's Dier Makr, celebrating the bounty of the ocean, recipes gathered and bespoke cocktails. Spirit People barman Angus Burton is joining forces with superstar chefs Deborah Blank and Luke Burgess to host a series of weekend lunches and dinners, serving up a world class selection of cold-water seafood alongside seasonal vegetables collected from sustainable and organic farmer friends each week. 

The menu, always something new, pays tribute to the fishermen's catch, the diver's scoop and the fishmonger's pride. Sorry meat lovers, this one's not for you. But for all and sundry sub-sea-level admirers, please join us for a fun, convivial season of excellent seafood cooked simply and very well, vibrant cocktails, natural wines, and wild-fermented beers.

Dier Marisqueria trades Sundays from 12:30-late and Monday evenings through until June 19th. We strongly encourage you to treat yourself to a late lunch or dinner while this very special event lasts.

All bookings via OBEE online booking services. Please follow this link to book now. 



Bruny Island oysters à la Tetsuya     4

tamal cooked with lobster broth + uni    8

pickled mussels, satsivi, kunzea oil    12

eggplant + red sea lettuce, genmai miso, saltbush    16

morwong aguachile    19

southern calamari, couve + sunflower seed butter   26

seared bonito, turnip + sweet cicely, apricot umeboshi    30

warm abalone, avocado, mexican tarragon, mustard oil   40


Argalà Pastis                                                                                            11

Cooler with genepy, juniper, pea flower, whey, celery                         18

Spritz with juniper, orange, verbena, bitters                                          17

Ti-Punch with sugar cane, lime                                                              18


2mt Forester Bitter Amber Ale                                                            10/50

2mt Farmhouse Dry Apple Cider                                                        11/55


Champagne Piollot Les Gravelées Rose 2012                                     130   

Les Capriades Pet Sec 2013                                                                 15/75

Sextant J Altabar l'Ecume 2015                                                               85


Axel Prufer Peur du Rouge 2015                                                              15/75

Marc Pesnot La Boheme 2015                                                                13/65

Causse Marines Les Greilles 2015                                                          68

Yann Durieux Love & Pif 2014                                                                  90


Causse Marines Zacm'Orange 2015                                                       95

Les Temps Retrouve Rosé 2015                                                              90

D’meure Rory 2011                                                                                     18/88

D’meure Rory 2014                                                                                     115


P. Simonutti On s'en Bat P. d'Aunis                                                          83

Michel Guignier Beaujoulais 2014                                                           55

Frank Cornelissen Contadino 2014                                                         16/80


Brash Higgins Bloom                                                                                  13

A drink to finish with agave, mead & spices                                            19

The Marisqueria Spritz

The Marisqueria Spritz