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The Dier Marisqueria Martini features the sublimely textural Vestal Vodka paired with a dash of one of the rarest and most interesting wines we've enjoyed in some time - the 8yo oxidised chardonnay "Bloom" from Brash Higgins, wakame tincture, and drops of the vibrant Robust EVOO from none other than Alto Olives. Like a hit of sea spray, this is one appetising entree to some rare seafood dishes from Luke and Deborah and a great lineup of natural wine.

Make it at home:

60ml Vestal Vodka

15ml Brash Higgins Bloom (or other, oxidised white wine, even dry sherry)

15ml Wakame-infused Vestal Vodka

1/2 tsp ALTO Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Definitely stir this guy over ice before you strain it off, as it demands to be nice and cold. With bold mineral and saline notes, this drink is designed to work delightfully well with food.

To that end, make sure you dilute this one down so as the alcohol isn't overpowering any oysters or salted fish that you carefully prepared to enjoy alongside.