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The Short-Priced Favourite was made by Spirit People's Angus Burton around the time of one Melbourne Cup week at Franklin Restaurant Hobart and featured in The Australian Newspaper.

We used:

45ml The Clumsy Bear Vodka
15ml yuzushu aperitif
30ml unfiltered white or orange wine
60ml turmeric, pepper and Lake Pedder honey soda.

Build in a stemless glass over good cold ice. Garnish with a neat celery stick. Finish with a dash of grapefruit bitters on top. The aroma is key!

For the soda: 10g turmeric (freshly grated is good but powdered works) two pinches of black pepper 100g white sugar 100g Lake Pedder honey 600ml water. Charge twice in a soda siphon; chill

Keep an eye out for the Project Brian wines, and that incredible Yuzu aperitif.