Hailing from Grandvewe Sheep Farm & Fromagerie, Hartshorn is the pet project of the youngest member of the family, Ryan Hartshorn. His unfiltered sheep whey vodka is distilled from the natural byproduct of Grandvewe’s cheesemaking process, which is notable in itself for exclusively using the milk of estate-grown sheep. Combining wizardry and the techniques of the fromagery, Ryan is making one of the most unique paddock-to-bottle products on the market.

Part of Hartshorn's singularity is in the different batches, like cheese, the flavours in the vodka will vary each season. Worth cellaring if you can, expect the delicious and rustic farmhouse character in the new releases to drop away over the next 6+ months, to reveal softened sweet fruit, toffee and vanilla notes.


"All of the sheep have names. You can shout to them as they run up the hill, past the distillery, and onto the dairy. That's the scale we're dealing with here." - Ryan Hartshorn

The distillery lies underneath the fromagerie, where you can see the cheesemakers creating some of the most incredibly delicious sheep-milk cheeses in Australia. The entire operation is tiny and very hands-on and when you're there you really get a sense for the love and attention that goes into the farm.

Together with his mother Diane and sister Nicole, Ryan spends all of his time in the fields, in the dairy, on the road, and now, when he can, in the distillery. This is a family-run business on a European scale. Sound knowledge, and hard work, is how you are now able to enjoy the delights of Hartshorn's unfiltered Sheep Whey Vodka.