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Ciao! We at SPIRIT PEOPLE are stoked to introduce you to the products and producers of Argalà.

Owner-producers Enrico Giordana and Piero Nuvoloni Bonet have been friends since childhood. Raised in northern Italy in the subalpine Piemontese town of Roccavione, just 10 kilometres from the French border, Enrico and Piero first started experimenting with beer, muscat and elderflower wines  and then eventually pastis.

Three years later, the boys discovered the emerald recipe, Argalà Pastis, thus founding their company in 2011. Derived from the Occitan dialect, Argalà means satisfaction “in the immediate surrounds of good food, drink and company," speaking to the heart of the valley the boys grew up in.

In every aspect of their business the duo strive to infuse the flavours of the valley into their products, right down to the local language. Growing up speaking local Occitano, which is closer to Catalan than any other existing language, the two were part of the last generation to speak it fluently. Occitano was outlawed in the early 1800s by the French and later by the Italians. Small towns like Roccavione are increasingly under threat from this kind of cultural homogeneity. To combat this, Enrico and Piero have taken it upon themselves to revitalise the valley and share the regions lustrous gifts with the world.

Drink Argalà!


"We work with young people and we are lovers of art in all its forms. When we opened the company we decided to bring together our work immediately with music and the arts. We involve in this project cultural associations, students, artists and musicians in our area and we also show bands already known in Europe and the world. One of the events at the festival is “Argalove,” a karaoke contest in which participants have to drink one shot of pastis before performing. Only love songs. And recall The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski: Your life is your life, don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. This is the spirit of Argalà. We hope you enjoy!" - Enrico and Piero