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In the far north of Italy, in what was once the contentious region of South Tyrol, lies the modern day region of Alto Adige. In a little hamlet called Turmbach, you will find the largest contiguous fruit cultivation area of Alto Adige, and the home of one of the world’s greatest distilling families who has been living and working there for nine generations.

We at SPIRIT PEOPLE are proud to present the products of Walcher Estates Distillery.

The Walcher family place great emphasis on the environment, paying tribute to the incredible limestone soil and microclimates that exist in Alto Adige.

“We want our products to be enjoyed with a clear conscience.”

The Walcher Distillery is blessed by Mediterranean warmth, and with more than 280 days of sunshine per year, the conditions couldn’t be better for growing intensely flavoured fruit.

“We use only the best table-quality fruits grown according to ecological and organic farming principles to make our schnapps, liqueurs, grappa, and fine brandies.”

The year 1966 saw the founding of the distillery by Alfons Walcher, who laid the cornerstone for the subsequent commercial production of grappa, fruit brandies, herbal schnapps, and other fine distilled spirits. After his studies at the enological school of San Michele all’Adige in Trentino, Alfons discovered his passion for distilling spirits. In 1966, he set up his first pot still (which he purchased himself) in a basement of Turmbachhof, a 12th Century tower which gave the town its namesake. Using the time-honoured waterbath method, he began distilling spirits from the chardonnay and pinot noir grapes that grew there.

Today, Alfons Walcher is still actively involved in the promotion and distribution of these fine products of Alto Adige and all of Italy. Alfons’ sons, Theodor and Mathias, are now guiding the distillery towards a bright new future based on the principle of environmental sustainability. It wasn’t an easy transition, but modernity and the necessity for environmental sustainability have helped the Walcher Distillery to contemporise. For instance, much of the new design has to do with the gravity principle. Somewhat underrated and very much misunderstood, the gravity principle removes the need for pumps and allows for little or no oxygen to ‘contaminate’ the product.

“During the distillation process, we extract nothing but mother nature herself."


Our family has been cultivating this wonderful corner of the world for nine generations. There‘s a perfect place for everything in life, and this is ours. A large proportion of the fruit and grapes we process comes from our own orchards and vineyards and those of our partner growers in South Tyrol. The sourcing and selection of the ingredients is a key factor that determines the quality of Walcher spirits, and with each distinguished drop you take a tiny piece of holiday mood home with you. On our quest for ‘true essence’ we discover exceptional flavours. The recipe is very simple. We only process the best quality raw materials from the region. We go about our work calmly, unhurriedly and meticulously, and our attention to detail and self-developed artisan techniques guarantee a gentle production process. The result, delightfully harmonious spirits that are typical of their varietal and encapsulate the pure essence of the fruit. Our mission is to provide an experience for all senses while leaving nothing to chance. This is the art of upholding tradition while cultivating innovation. - The Walcher Family.


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