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Tasmanian drink-slinger and Charles Oates ambassador Niall Maurici jumped on board with us this month to show us a few great techniques and recipes as together we introduced the delicious Huon Valley apple spirit to Hobart locals and visitors at our Christmas Street Eats cocktail bar.

We love a good localised twist on a classic recipe, and Niall's version of the 1930s classic "Pan American Clipper" cocktail is one we'll definitely be enjoying over the summer. 

Originally featuring in Charles H. Baker's guide to eating and drinking around the globe in the 30's, the Pan Am Clipper is classically a strong Calvados-based sour that matches three fruit flavours with a lick of herbal absinthe to make a drink that's entirely refreshing and complex enough that you could happily enjoy a second.

Niall's twist on the classic is to use unaged Charles Oates apple brandy in place of aged Calvados, and to use a local organic strawberry gastrique in place of pomegranate grenadine, Spirit People's Argalà Pastis in place of Absinthe.

These changes bring forward the apple flavour without oakiness, introduce a sweet red fruit flavour carried by a different kind of acid in the gastrique, and utilise the woody herbal complexity of this pastis to replace a more straightforward absinthe and provide a lot more depth to the sour cocktail.

Here's Niall's recipe for you to reproduce at home:

60ml Charles Oates Apple Spirit

15ml Strawberry Gastrique

15ml Lime Juice

Dash of Argalà Pastis

Combine all ingredients into a shaker with lots and lots of ice and give a long, emulsifying shake before straining off into a chilled cocktail glass.

Enjoy cold, and enjoy a few with us this summer.

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