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Following the return of the Swiss Alpine Malt Whisky, the Hobart whisky gurus at Destination Cellars are hosting a very special private tasting.

This Tuesday, November 28th from 6pm in the tasting room at the shop on 24a Barrack St, you will be guided through four core expressions of Säntis, each named after a different Alpstein rock formation: Himmelberg (beer and wine cask), Sigel (small batch beer cask), Dreifaltigkeit (or Trinity - beer, wine and peat at cask strength) and Marwees (single malt cream liqueur), and two limited releases: Snow White #4 (48% Pear Brandy Cask), and Alpstein (48% Pinot Noir Cask).

The Säntis malts are aged predominantly in old beer casks, which may be anywhere between 60 to 130 years old. These anciet casks were sealed using a pitch or plant-resin, to ensure that both the beer and the casks remained young and fresh. Over decades of use, the pitch sometimes became cracked, allowing the beer to soak into the barrels, at times up to a depth of one centimetre. These century-old aromas and beer extracts are utilised to impart flavours in the same way that other whisky producers utilise old sherry, port or bourbon casks.

Tickets are $45 per person and must be booked in advance. Fine banter, finger food and great pricing will be provided on the night. Questions to 62313400 or

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