Vestal Vodka "Kaszebe" Vintage 2009

Vestal Vodka "Kaszebe" Vintage 2009


This is the 2009 vintage Vestal Kaszebe, produced in Poland with Vineta potatoes grown in the Kaszebe region using a single distillation. The astounding artisan distillers take great pride in the terroir that the potatoes they use are grown in, and the sandy soils of Kaszebe are just the ticket for this fine drink.

What we have here is six years of bottle-conditioning, allowing all of the elements of the distillate to relax, bond, and create a spirit that is focused and sure of itself.

Roasted pear and sweet spice are integrated without even a hint of a sharp edge. Again, one sip lasts and lasts and lasts.

We are lucky to have a small allocation of the last remaining bottles of this exceptional vintage.

500ml | 40%

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