Røgbjørnen (Smokey Bear) Vodka

Røgbjørnen (Smokey Bear) Vodka


Packed with a smokey punch we are delighted to introduce the Røgbjørnen (Smokey Bear) Vodka to our shop for that perfect addition to all your smokey cocktail needs. 

This vodka is handmade in Copenhagen’s Trolden Distillery and contains 100% smoked barley malt (no grains).  

Inspired by the Mexico’s mezcal and Japan’s smoke-sochu, this derivative is referred to as ‘Nordic Mezcal’ in Russia and, now finally hitting Australian shores, is limited and a must have addition to any smoked spirit aficionado.

Enjoy neat or add it to your Martini or Bloody Mary for that extra kick. 

40% | 500ml

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