Pere Labat Rhum Vieux 1985

Pere Labat Rhum Vieux 1985


Maybe the last bottle in existence, anywhere. Rhum produced from the mineral-rich fresh-pressed sugarcane from the island of Marie Galante, (just like Frank Capovilla's incredible "Rhum Rhum"). 

At thirty years old, this is a spirit that has attained the utmost level of elegance whilst retaining the powerful fresh characters typical of rhum agricole from Marie Galante. This is the perfect marriage of youth and age. There is not a hint of over-oakiness or tiredness from the elongated resting period in cask. This is still a very vibrant and supple spirit. Unfiltered from the cask and still with a little cask-sediment, so you are sure that you are not being robbed of any of the mature flavours or mouthfeel.

This is a producer you're about to hear more about, so while it may be the most special bottle, this is just a taster - for everyone's eyes, and for one lucky person's hands. 

700ml | 42%