Belgrove Rye Whisky - Batch: 30/08/2015

Belgrove Rye Whisky - Batch: 30/08/2015


For us, the most flavoursome whisky coming out of Australia, and certainly one of the most characterful - and delicious - things we've come across, ever.

One key difference is that this is technically a "single-malt" rye whisky - this means you can expect much more cereal sweetness from this than from other rye whiskies, which in the majority feature a light spirit from pressure-cooked grains, deriving all sweetness from young oak barrels, and negating the providence of the raw ingredients in the spirit itself!

Completely paddock-to-bottle, down to the handmade still and mashing equipment, this is whisky made by an artisan farmer and skilled tradesman with an eye for quality and a very high benchmark in all of his endeavours.

Natural caramelised-smokiness, malt sweetness, and sweet oak from casks that previously held whisky from other Tasmanian distilleries. There's still a fruit character to this bold drink, but the rich oily mouthfeel and moreishness of the finish really set this apart as not only one of the best rye whiskies, but one of the best whiskies in the world as I write this.

There is some batch variation, this is a very good one.

500ml | 43%  

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